A reputable company with much experience (1969), that specializes in all fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors and blowers. The company is committed to professional service, to matchless reliability and quality. The site provides information about the company, the variety of its services, and of products made, repaired and sold by the company.


A.M.S. Hydraulics, Equipment and Engineering Ltd. is a concern that is directed by Mr. Shlomo Gershoni, who has been working in the field of hydraulics for more than 30 years.

Mr. Shlomo Gershoni is one of the first pioneers of hydraulics and pneumatics in Israel. He has developed and is developing unique hydraulic systems for military purposes and for the economy, in general. Amongst others, he has developed unique systems for the Air Force, which still serve the Air Force very successfully until now.

Mr. Shlomo Gershoni is a professional consultant and expert on behalf of the courts of law in Israel. The A.M.S. Hydraulics company has an excellent reputation in the field of hydraulics for many years (from 1969) and it is known for its reliable, professional and quick service.

The A.M.S. Hydraulics company has two departments at your service:

1. Hydraulics

2. Pneumatics
Hydraulics Department

  • Designing, maintaining, production and marketing hydraulic equipment
  • such as pumps, engines, selectors, pistons, etc.
  • flexible / rigid piping for high / low pressure and piping fittings
  • all kinds of gaskets
  • various kinds of quick connectors.
This department serves its customers faithfully; repairs and/or overhauls are executed according to stringent procedures, the different manufacturers' instructions using only original parts!!
The company and the test equipment are qualified in accordance with the international ISO 9002 quality control requirements.

The A.M.S. Hydraulics company specializes in many fields such as:
  • Overhauling pumps, different types of hydraulic engines, hydrostatic systems, etc. The company has a testing and running-in facility for these systems.
  • Service for cranes - the company has an exclusive servicing station for EFFER cranes in the North (from the Givati Hydaco Industries Company).
  • Assembling, maintaining and repairing different types of cranes (also under guarantee) and a large stock of parts.
  • Service for hydraulic lifting doors (ramps, sidewalls) for many companies, like "Isramtel", "Amir" and others.
  • Heavy engineering equipment - repair service for all types of heavy engineering equipment, earthwork equipment, development and roadwork equipment.
Pneumatics Department
  • Helical, Roots blowers
  • Centrifugal blowers
  • Air ducts and terminating connections
  • And more
This department has for many years dealt with repairs, overhauling and sales in the fields of blowers and helical blowers; the company has a large stock of parts, much know-how and experience that been built up over many years by Mr. Shlomo Gershoni and Mr. Barukh Raz (Boris Radznowski).

The company provides many services in the field, such as:
  • Service for the "Israeli Fish Growers" organization and the fish rearing systems in all the kibbutzim in Israel.
  • Providing solutions for trans-shipment and pneumatic dispatch.
  • Providing solutions for ventilating systems.
  • Designing, production and marketing of the components in the field of the various blowers.
  • Purification of sewage, oxidation, etc.
The company works in accordance with the various manufacturers' procedures and uses only original parts!!

The company's customers include, among others:

Tnuva, Coca Cola, Osem, the Postal Authority, transportation and crane companies, kibbutzim, the Israeli Fish Growers organization, Pioneer, Readimix, B.R. Beton [concrete], the fire brigade - the Haifa cities association, the Acre fire brigade - the West Galilee cities association, Israel Shipyards, Israel Police shipyards, and more.

P.O.B. 10910, Haifa, Israel
Tel.: 972-4-8401635, Fax: 972-4-8405108

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