Cranes, beam cranes, lifting platforms and lifting facilities

A crane is a tool commonly used for lifting various loads and loads and is usually mounted on a truck chassis adapted to the size of the crane and its lifting capacity, the cranes mounted on the truck chassis are operated by a hydraulic pump mounted on the truck gear.

To stabilize the truck on which the crane is mounted, there are arms / stabilizers that are opened by hydraulic pistons and a leg that descends to the ground and is also operated by a hydraulic piston.

There are several other types of cranes called horn cranes and they are portable and are manually transported and used to lift heavy loads inside workshops.

There are other types of horn cranes, including cranes for lifting the disabled and injured, which are operated by a hydraulic hand pump.


Most lifting platforms of all types are hydraulically operated by a hydraulic piston or hydraulic pistons according to their size, the lifting method is a scissor method.

There are several types of lifting platforms:

The lifting platform which is actually a table of some size that is hydraulically raised on a scissor structure, is usually operated by a hydraulic hand pump. 

A hydraulic lifting platform with a lifting capacity to a height of several meters is operated by an electric hydraulic power unit and receives the voltage to operate from a large battery unit depending on the stage size, a large part of these lifting stages have the ability to move and maneuver independently.

AMS Hydraulics and Compressors Ltd. provides maintenance, operation, repair and renovation service for all types of cranes and all the various lifting facilities .

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