Hydraulic Lifting ramp

hydraulic tail lift, hydraulic door, hydraulic ramp

The hydraulic wall is made up of trucks and vans of various sizes,  the hydraulic tail lift also called ramps  are used to assist in loading and unloading equipment in an easy and convenient way by using hydraulic power and simple and convenient control by a control panel and / or remote control with cable or wireless remote control. Significantly facilitates the operation of the employee / driver,
which is reflected in savings in manpower and savings in work time.

Hydraulic lifting walls

Hydraulic lifting walls are divided into several types: 

Steel wing hydraulic sidewall:
Designed for vans and small trucks for loads from 1500 kg to 3000 kg

Aluminum hydraulic lift sidewall:
Designed for vans and light trucks for loads from 1000 kg to 1500 kg

The hydraulic level wall folds under the truck body and is hydraulically removable:
made of aluminum and designed for loads up to 1500 kg 

AMS Hydraulics and Compressors Ltd. provides maintenance, operation, repair and renovation services for hydraulic level ramps / ramps of all types and from all existing companies in the country and complex on all types of vehicles.

AMS Hydraulics and Compressors provides service for all types of hydraulic walls in the field of hydraulics, mechanical, electrical, and electronic, including repair of signs of all types and including wireless radio-controlled signs.

בדיקת משקל
Checking the ability to lift the wall after renovating the pistons