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Blower Compressor

Blowers are also called by other names such as compressors, the blowers / compressors have the ability to flow a high amount of air for a period of time and at a low pressure that usually ranges between 0.5 BAR and 2.5 BAR and unlike air compressors used to operate various pneumatic tools. BAR and 12 BAR but the amount of air in a very short period of time.

The blower / compressor due to the ability to flow a large amount of air is used for all types of pneumatic conveyance (transfer of materials to distances and heights within piping from place to place) due to this feature of ability to transfer different materials In the construction industry for transporting cement to the various sites.

The blowers are used for oxidation ponds as in fish ponds and sewage treatment by oxidation in sewage treatment plants.

There are different types of blowers that differ in the mode of operation and the method of compression.

Centrifugal blower

Its structure is of wings and when the wings rotate around an axis they create a strong circumferential movement that pushes the air to the outer area of ​​the blower and from there passes to the piping, usually the shape of a snail-like centrifugal blower, in advanced blowers there is a accelerator The air, blowers / blowers of this type also come with a number of accelerators and are defined as multi-stage blowers.

Blower / Blower Eighths

These blowers have two axes that are shaped like the number 8 and of course have two lobes and they fit together very precisely and in this way they move the air and push it from one side of the blower to the other, these blowers also exist with 3 lobes that form a seemingly triangular shape and they also fit Into each other.

Blower / blower blades

These blowers are built as an axis within which there are blades or words and when the axis rotates inside a cylinder the blades are thrown into the cylinder wall and thus they cause the air to pull from side to side of the blower, in these blowers the axis is not in the center of the cylinder. 

Blower / screw blower

in this type of blower there are two screw-like coiled shafts and these hinges fit into each other and in this way push the air from one side of the blower to the other side.

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