Hydraulic equipment, pistons, selectors and hydraulic accessories

Hydraulic equipment / pistons / selectors / accessories and various hydraulic components

Hydraulic equipment, pistons, and selectors are accessories used as part of the components of the various hydraulic systems that include a wide range of hydraulic equipment and materials, hydraulic equipment, pistons, and selectors integrated in hydraulic systems and have different functions and all together form the hydraulic system for different uses.

The terms, hydraulic equipment, pistons, and selectors include many more different components of hydraulic connections, steel connectors, hydraulic valves , some of the hydraulic components are mechanical some are electrically controlled, some hydraulic equipment is made of different materials, and with the right combination of hydraulic equipment we get hydraulic system and accessories Hydraulic with different capabilities and hydraulic functions and hydraulic power.


As a rule, the function of the piston / pistons is to operate mechanical or hydraulic equipment in motion and transfer large forces and almost without limitation and all this depends on the amount of hydraulic oil (hydraulic oil flow) that reaches the hydraulic piston and of course depends on hydraulic pressure and piston size.

Hydraulic piston structure

The piston consists of several hydraulic accessories:


Cylinder This is the outer body of the piston which is an internally sharpened tube, a rear lid (piston butt) that closes the cylinder at the back of the piston on which also connects a hydraulic connection for the flow of hydraulic oil into the piston body, usually welded to the cylinder of the piston, front lid Of the piston inside it are located gaskets for sealing between the piston rod and the cylinder of the piston (usually screwed to the cylinder of the piston for the purpose of disassembling the piston and replacing gaskets).

The front bracket has a hole through which the piston rod passes.

Piston rod

It is a sharpened and chrome-plated steel rod for smooth movement between it and the front bracket of the piston, to the piston rod is attached the piston head (usually threaded) that seals the piston inside the cylinder and it moves the piston rod in or out according to hydraulic oil flow. Hydraulically, on the piston head are the main gaskets of the piston and for the purpose of separating the two front sides on which the rod and rear are mounted towards the rear piston cap, and they are also the sliding gaskets on the honed inner cylinder, as already mentioned here.


Selector This is a hydraulic component that allows the hydraulic oil to be directed to the required place in the hydraulic system / hydraulic pipes that carry the oil under pressure to the equipment we operate, the selector is available in different structures and different operating modes such as mechanical operation

AMS Hydraulics and Compressors Ltd. provides a service of maintenance, operation, repair and renovation of all types of pistons, selectors, and hydraulic accessories in any size and of any type.

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