Hydraulic pumps and motors

Hydraulic pump / pumps

Hydraulic pumps are driven by electric motors usually or by connecting to the gears of trucks and they draw oil from the oil tank and create high pressures as needed and as used.

A hydraulic pump has many uses in industry, lifting equipment and cranes, lifting platforms, ramps and a variety of uses that require a lot of power in the various operations, there are many types of hydraulic pumps depending on the need and depending on the use.

Types of hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic engine

A hydraulic motor is used to create rotational motion and to transmit large forces such as winches and levers, to create motion for wheels for travel For example, there are many types of motors whose structure and forces depend on the nature of use and the forces required.

AMS Hydraulics and Compressors Ltd. provides maintenance, operation, repair and renovation services for all types of hydraulic pumps and motors.

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Power unit, hydraulic pump powered by electric motor