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AMS Hydraulics
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AMS Hydraulics is a long-standing company with a reputation known in Israel in the field of hydraulics for many years and is known for its reliable, professional and fast service to its customers.
The company is managed by Mr. Shlomo Gershuni – a pioneer of manufacturers in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics
in Israel and is responsible for the development of hydraulic systems unique to the defense system.

Company Services

יחידת כוח, משאבה מופעלת ע"י מנוע חשמלי

Hydraulic motor pumps power units

Sale Repair and renovation of hydraulic pumps and motors


 Repair and renovation of all types of blowers and blowers of all companies, including blowers for biogas

Hydraulic lifting walls

Repair and service for hydraulic lifting walls

Hydraulic equipment

Maintenance planning Production and marketing of hydraulic equipment


Manufacture supply and sale of all types of gaskets

Piping and steel connectors

Production, design and sale of fast connections and casting for high and low pressures


Repair service for all types of cranes

Service and solution for every need of the customer

Rescue services for hydraulic walls / ramps 

Solutions for hydraulic systems 

Custom components and equipment

Crane repair services

Repair and service for hydraulic lifting walls / ramps

Repair services for all types of cleaning in the workshop only

Among the company's customers